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Voting Rewards

Every 24 hours you can vote for us on each of our 6 listings. To reward people for supporting the server by voting, there are several chance based lucky prizes you can win by voting.

Per Vote:
1 Steak
Per Vote:
15 XP Bottle

Lucky Rewards

10% Chance:
10 Golden Carrots
5% Chance:
3 Golden Apples
2% Chance:
2 Diamonds

1% Chance:
1 Wither Skull
.05% Chance:
2 Shulker Shells
0.005% Chance:
1 Netherite Ingot

Vote Party Rewards

Every 50 votes(all online players)
32 Gunpowder

Cumulative Rewards

Every 50 Votes:
1 Shulker Shell
Every 80 Votes:
4 Ghast Tear
Every 150 Votes:
2 God Apples
Every 200 Votes:
1 Elytra

One-Time Exclusive Rewards

20 Votes:
Second Set-Home
100 Votes:
Third Set-Home
400 Votes:
Fourth Set-Home
500 Votes:
VIP Rank
(In-Game and Discord)

700 Votes:
Fifth Set-Home
900 Votes:
Corn Husk Elytra (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Mending)