Approved Mods

The following mods are approved for use on the server.

Not sure if a mod is allowed or not? Feel free to ask us on the Discord server.

Mods that do not affect gameplay such as cosmetics are allowed.


FPS boosting clients such as Lunar Client are generally allowed.

Optimization Mods:

Optimization mods such as Optifine, Sodium and Lithium are allowed.

Map Mods:

Schematica, Litematica


Shulker Peek, Inventory Sorter


Minimaps are allowed as long as they do not show entities.

Auto Clicker:

Auto Clickers are allowed for farming, but not for PvP.

World Downloader:

World Downloader is allowed on the Legacy Server only.

Blacklisted Mods

Any mod that provides an unfair advantage is not allowed.

The following mods are specifically blacklisted.

Any and all hack clients.


Inventory manipulation mods such as AutoTotem/AutoRocket. Inventory sorters are allowed.

Aimbots and Auras.

Packet Manipulation such as fake lag.

Entity Trackers such as Radar and Tracers.

Speed and Teleportation hacks such as V-Clip/EntitySpeed.

Flight without elytra/rockets.

Mods that show other player's health and/or item durability.

X-Ray and X-Ray Resource Packs.

ESP and Wallhacks